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Here are some ways we need your help.

Writing letters A sample letter is posted here (please change the items listed in bold according to how it relates to you).  Please use this to write to government officials (or you may write your own, even a very short letter would be really appreciated) or anyone you think could help Sadeepa. If you are in support of granting Sadeepa and her family (brother, and parents) permanent status in the US please indicate that in the letter as well.

This family has suffered with visa issues for the last few years and have tried many different approaches without success. Unfortunately there is NO long term visa category in the US for sickness unless Sadeepa's parents are sponsored by a company for employment.  This is extremely difficult to secure given the current economic uncertainty. Permanent status in the US will help ease many of the current difficulties being experienced by Sadeepa and her family.

Ceruloplasmin is officially known as ferroxidase or iron(II):oxygen oxidoreductase. It is the major copper-carrying protein in the blood, and in addition plays a role in iron metabolism.

Help Chalan find employment in Michigan Chalan is currently receiving offers from jobs out of state however he is unable to relocate because of the care requirements of Sadeepa. He has a BS Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology field (honors student) with several years of work experience in the field. A job with a non profit Organization or a College job would be really helpful for the visa situation.  Chalan's resume' is available on request, please use the contact page to get in touch with Chalan if you can help.

Help with transportation: Assistance with transportation and basic daily living activities is always appreciated.

Employment sponsor for the father This will allow both parents to return to the States allowing Pauline (Sadeepa's mother) to take over care of Sadeepa and allow Chalan to find employment out of state and therefore provide much needed financial assistance to the family Indrapala (Sadeepa's father) has over 30 years of experience in Culinary Arts and Hospitality and is an expert in Eastern/Western Cookery. Also he speaks French and would be very interested in a teaching position. If role with a non profit Organization or a College job would be really helpful for the visa situation.

Financial help: Any help on this matter would be appreciated for the survival of this family.  Please contact the family directly through the contact tab if one would like to give financial help.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for any help you can provide, we can be contacted here and look forward to hearing from you.

The Munasinghe Family


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